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Real Estate Market Research
Providing valuable market intelligence to help guide your business decisions.
Real Estate Market Research

Market Research

At M2 Property Group, we believe that having great market intelligence helps to minimize risks when making key business decisions. In order to minimize the risks, we provide a comprehensive market analysis, which examines patterns and highlights both the potential improvements as well as the possible problems in the area of interest. We provide a thorough understanding of the demographics of the area and any larger trends that could impact the local area and investment.

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What’s Included 

Competitor Study

In addition to using broker data, our teams on the ground shop their competitors so they have first hand knowledge of the fixtures, finishes, rents, amenities, occupancy and the like of our competitors. Property managers are encouraged to meet the managers of our competitors and are required to engage with them monthly to inquire about their operations and place in our submarket.

Comprehensive Demographics

For some properties our market research will also include an analysis of area demographics with income and crime statistics.

On-Site Analysis

As part of our real estate market research package, we include an on-site analysis, identifying areas for improvement that will help your investment become more competitive and profitable.

Apartments & Townhomes
Corporate Housing
Senior Apartments

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Investor Review
  • I have worked with the M2 team for several years now and would highly recommend their services. Currently they manage my multifamily holdings in the Midwest, totaling over 2,850 units. These projects range from suburban garden style complexes, to urban high rises, with many encompassing both significant operational turnaround and structural rehabilitation. The M2 team are focused, responsible and driven to succeed. -Yechiel Lopiansky, Co-Founder/Principal
    Loop Investments
  • Michael and Max have been reliable managers and partners of mine for over 10 years, overseeing a number of my investment properties in the Midwest and Southeast. Their attention to detail and diligence should give anyone confidence to engage them in their services, from residential management to consulting and receivership work, they offer a broad range of expertise within the industry. I look forward to working with this team for many years to come. - Michael Aufrecht, Partner
    MDA Enterprise Co.
  • I have worked alongside the M2 group for several years now, and as a former head of operations for a large property developer myself, this company never ceases to impress me with their attention to detail, hard work and ingenuity. Currently they operate large apartment projects for me and my partners in Chicago and Kentucky, after having successfully managed and assisted in the disposition of assets in Indianapolis and Cincinnati in recent years. Bob Hohmann, Principal
    Infinity Management Company, Inc
  • Our history working with Michael, Scott and Max began nearly 15 years ago with a large portfolio of apartments in the Indianapolis area and Central Illinois.Some of these properties are still being managed today, with their leadership and oversight yielding successful, stable cash flow including during some more turbulent times for the industry. More recently, we have worked with M2 on an upscale residential/retail mixed use complex in Deerfield, IL as well as a large portfolio of apartments in the Cleveland, OH area.Would highly recommend their management services. Eli Stefansky, Principal
    Ben Friedman, Chief Operating Officer
    Prime Quest Management, LLC

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